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As you know, my brand “The Art of Epic Living” was created with the intention to inspire others who are interested in living a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life!  

Although I hope to encourage people to “dream big, love life & spread good vibes” through the content on my website, I also wanted to create a corresponding shop with the same mission!

Eventually, as I continued to move forward with this vision, the Epic Vibes Shop was born!  My goal with this store was to create a one-stop-shop for all of my favorite products relating to travel, lifestyle & mindset–which are the primary sections of my website!

Although I directly sell apparel, sarongs and art prints, the remainder of the store consists of my recommended lifestyle & travel-related products, which can be purchased via the link back to their corresponding Amazon page!  To clarify- my shop features my apparel as well as a diverse library of my favorite Amazon products, ranging from books to smoothie ingredients to suitcases!


My shop includes 4 main categories of items: apparel, travel, lifestyle & mindset.

My apparel includes my tee shirt designs as well as beautiful and versatile Bali-inspired sarongs!

I designed my tees with the idea that less is more, and that simple words can make bold statements.  My mission with The Art of Epic Living is to spread good vibes, and I hope to accomplish that through my apparel as well.  I would like my shirts to serve as a daily reminder to you and to anyone who encounters you that life is good!  You can choose your favorite tee from a variety of available phrases, styles and colors!  Visit my shop > H E R E < if you’d like!

As mentioned, I also sell a variety of gorgeous sarongs, which I consider to be the PERFECT travel piece!  Not only are these sarongs light-weight and colorful– they are extremely versatile!  You can use them in a number of ways including: as a shirt, dress, scarf, beach cover, head wrap, beach blanket, curtain, table cloth and more!  Because they are my absolute favorite travel accessory, I HAD to find a way to add them to my shop!

Under the “apparel”>”sarongs” category of my shop, you will find sarongs in an assortment of patterns and colors!  At the moment, I have the mandala pattern, tie dye and a southwest print!

In addition to the apparel described above, I also directly sell my original artwork in the form of art prints!  You can find my art prints under the “lifestyle”>”home decor” section of my website!  As with my website and shop, I am creating these paintings with the intention to inspire people!  These paintings were made with love, and I hope that these colorful works will express the same sense of joy and passion that I felt while making them!


Although my apparel, sarongs and art prints are all directly sold through me, the lifestyle, travel and mindset-related products are simply featured on my shop, and can be purchased via “view on Amazon” product link buttons.

In addition to selling my apparel, I wanted to create a space in which any products relating to my articles, recipes or personal recommendations could be showcased!  In my shop, I include items such as travel gear, electronics, books, beauty supplies and health products!

Although I do not sell these products directly, each “view on Amazon” button is linked to my personal affiliate account.  This means that every time that you enter Amazon via my shop, I will get a small commission whether you purchase one of my featured products or not!  With every click or purchase, know that you are appreciated for helping me to fund this website!


> H E R E <!

> H E R E <

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Author Ana Powell

I am a one-way ticket free spirit, who is on a mission to spread positive vibes and live life to the fullest! I hope to inspire others to do the same!


Hi! I’m Ana, a one-way ticket free spirit, on a mission to live life to the fullest and spread good vibes along the way.

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