the fam


My mom has contributed her love and encouragement throughout my entire life! She has always been there to support me through all of my crazy ideas and adventures, and she is a major reason for the existence of The Art of Epic Living! She is the kindest, most genuine, and most positive person I know, who has taught me to have fun in life, and to always spread good vibes! She is the master of looking at the bright side of any situation. She is my personal hero. LOVE YOU MOM!


My dad has been my voice of reason in times of confusion, and has provided me with the advice that has pushed me through all of the highs and lows of life. He has taught me that sometimes you need to take a step backward in order to go a few steps forward, and to never give up on striving toward creating the life you envision in your dreams. He has always been there for me, with an open mind and 100% support for what I am doing with my life, no matter how crazy it may seem. LOVE YOU DAD! Thank you for everything!


Heather is my amazing sister.  She is one year younger than me, but light years wiser!  She has always been the logical mind to help me work through my crazy ideas, and a major source of inspiration and support for me through the years!  She is a talented harp player and musician, and avid extreme hiker. Her examples with her personal endeavors have taught me that if you stay true to your passions, you will eventually create success from it.  Heather is an amazing human, and I love her so much and am so happy to call her my sister!

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