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Location: ECUADOR

As you can see, I spent much of 2015 bouncing all around! By the end of the summer, I was feeling burnt out, and planned on taking a break from everything.

WELL, my prayers were answered. The day that I was flying back from Seattle to New York, I saw that there was a listing for a month-long position as a housesitter in a luxury condo in the Coastal city of Manta, Ecuador! I applied at my layover airport en route back to New York, and by the time I got home, was able to almost immediately schedule an interview over skype, and land the job!

This listing was extremely last minute, but I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I booked my one-way ticket to Ecuador and left 5 days after my arrival to New York.

I did not know what to expect, but looking back, it was a risk that I am SO HAPPY to have taken! I enjoyed the month of October living in a beachfront condo complete with an infinity pool, balcony and beautiful views, as I took care of an adorable toy yorkie! LIFE WAS GOOD!

While I was housesitting in Ecuador, just when I thought life couldn’t get any better, I landed a 3 week stewardess position aboard a 130’ luxury yacht, cruising around the Galapagos! MY DREAM! I spent the month of November bouncing between the islands of the Galapagos, climbing volcanoes, walking beaches, exploring the highlands and snorkeling the underwater world!

I got to see amazing landscapes and amazing animals- every day felt like I was living in a National Geographic Documentary!


YEAR: WINTER 2015-2016


I eventually found myself low on funds once again, and flew back to the States by the end of November. It was not hard for me to immediately find work, as it was around the holidays, and so I spent a couple of weeks in New York, and once again headed south to meet a boat in Miami.

I spent the holidays working and cruising through the Florida keys, and immediately followed this gig up with another position back in the Bahamas. We went from the Abacos in the Northern Bahamas and cruised down to the tiny fishing island of Chub Cay.

Life was good, but it was about to get better. My friends who I had sailed with the year before, back in Sardinia, had since crossed the Atlantic and were currently located in Colombia. Although they had been in the Caribbean for a while, this was the first opportunity that I had to meet up with them, and so…I hopped on a plane of course!

I flew to Cartagena, Colombia- an amazing and beautiful city! My friends were running late with their sailing schedule, and so I bussed along the coast and enjoyed a week of exploring before my friends arrived.

Once reunited, we continued the exploration, and sailed from Santa Marta to Cartagena. After a very rough 24 hours at sea we made it!

After exploring all that Cartagena had to offer, I flew back to the Bahamas, and picked up where I left off with my previous job.

I would spend another month in the Bahamas before I hopped aboard yet another plane, to yet another beautiful beach town…this time in Mexico!



Location: MEXICO

After saving up a considerable amount of money, I decided to relocate for a while. I was searching for the perfect, chill hippie beach town. I wanted somewhere with palm trees, ice cold coconuts and good vibes.

After taking suggestions from friends, I was led to the Coast of Oaxaca, the South Pacific coast of Mexico.

Apparently, this stretch of coastline was world-renowned for its waves, and so was characterized by a relaxed, easy-living surfer kind of vibe…exactly what I had in mind!

I flew to Puerto Escondido, and absolutely fell in love. This place had everything I needed- amazing beaches, amazing people and amazing energy!

I decided to see what else this strip of the coast had to offer, and discovered even more equally beautiful beach towns!

Zipolite, a beach which was famous for being one of the few naked beaches of Mexico, was beach bum paradise. This was a town that was founded by flower children of the 1960s hippie days, and still maintained that kind of personality.

I found myself wanting to call Zipolite home for a while, and so moved into a place directly on the sand, and a 20 second walk away from the ocean!

While in Mexico, I was able to land a couple of jobs in order to keep my bank account afloat. I worked on two separate boats along and around the Baja Peninsula.

In between these jobs, I flew back and forth to Puerto Escondido and Zipolite. I was enjoying the variety in landscapes and experiences that I was having in Mexico, and life was good!

I eventually flew home to surprise my family, and returned to the Bahamas to work for a while.





Yup, back to the country that I have spent the most time in over the past 6 years- can’t say I have any complaints about that!

I returned to the boat which I had been working on throughout the past couple of years, and was happy for a chance to settle back into a bit of a routine, in a familiar place.

I worked in the Northern Bahamas around the Abacos for a while, and moved on to another boat, which I met in Miami. From there, we cruised for two week all around the Exumas and Abacos, places I had already been to, but was happy to revisit!

After that job, I joined yet another boat in the Bahamas, this time for a two week gig. It was a busy summer, and although the scenery was nice, I needed to escape.

You will probably never guess where I decided to go next. Call me crazy, but my next bucket list mission that I decided to focus on, was to learn kung fu in China.

That’s right, I wanted to go to China, to live on temple grounds with Buddhist warrior monks, and learn the art of Kung Fu.

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