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Hey! My name’s Rachael. I’m from St. Louis, Missouri in the US. I’m a an entrepreneur and full time traveller. I continue to find new ways to turn my passions for health, music, and environmentalism into a thriving career. I run a smoothie bowl shack with friends that travels around the US, I teach guitar lessons, and I work for Trend Privè Magazine. It’s cool to say all my jobs are also passion projects, and things I’d love to do even if I wasn’t getting paid! I’m currently studying holistic health. I live life to the fullest through travel, music, and creativity. My definition of a perfect day is waking up before the sun, yoga on the beach, a fresh tropical smoothie, a long drive along the coast with friends, and falling asleep next to a big bonfire by the ocean under the stars. I’m currently preparing for my next adventure- traveling across North America in a van with my Great Pyrenees Leo.

Author Ana Powell

I am a one-way ticket free spirit, who is on a mission to spread positive vibes and live life to the fullest! I hope to inspire others to do the same!

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